061 | Nefesh, Jewgrass, Superbloom and A Debut Album: Support This Amazing Jewish Community!

Part of a series on my Jewish Journey, by Bobby Apperson In 2019 I wrote on picking a Jewish community in Los Angeles. Despite the pandemic and three moves since it began, I’m still in the Nefesh community and in fact, been working for this dynamic Jewish start-up and community-but-not-called-a synagogue for some time. The people and uniquely vibrant, activist, […]

046 | Unorthodox, One of Us, Shtisel: My Orthodox Netflix Crash-Course

It’s peak Netflix in general, but also for Jewish and Haredi content. Here’s what I learned. One of Us Netflix, 2017 (Yiddish, English) Netflix documentary One of Us highlights the plights of ultraorthodox Jews who fled the community and like Esty in Unorthodox (below), didn’t exactly leave easily. One lives in a camper in LA, another faces terrible harassment and […]